​Feed Market

The Feed Market

The Feed Market program adopted by the government aims to increase the contribution to the development of animal wealth, improve animal production, and support the food security system.​

Therefore, the fodder market was established with the aim of diversifying and improving the quality and safety of feed available to livestock breeders, which is offered according to standards set by technicians and specialists in the field of animal nutrition to ensure the provision of safe and healthy feed for livestock.

The fodder market also allows breeders to purchase animal feed in the quantities and varieties that they want to feed their animals, and increases competition between companies and factories that produce and supply feed, which helps to improve the quality of feed traded in the markets and increase its supply.

The market also allows breeders to purchase appropriate quantities and types of feed from various sources to meet the needs of their projects. It is worth noting that the establishment of such projects contributes to supporting the development of the livestock sector in a way that achieves food security goals, the most important of which is to increase self-sufficiency rates of local animal products.

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